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Our core team is specialized in creating 3D environments, involving organic elements (terrains, atmospheres, water and vegetation) created via procedural workflow. These kinds of environments integrate seamlessly as e.g. background panoramas (vistas, skydomes, skyboxes…) in VR, game, architectural visualization or interactive pipelines. Most of these elements can also be animated. For visualizing iconic, real-world locations, we have access to several satellite data servers, that provide elevation data for 3D visualization. For manually created assets, we have a network of skilled modelers, who are happy to join any project. Find more information here:
When it comes to Audio Production, the possibilities are virtually endless. We compose soundtracks/scores, make sound effects and jingles, we offer artist counselling, mastering, CD manufacturing and digital track/album distribution. Find more information here:
If there is confidential information we need to estimate the pipeline, timeline and costs of your project, just feel free to send us a non-disclosure agreement to The contents of the quotation request forms are sent to us via a secure connection, and it is only monitored by the owners of the company (Drea and Michel). By default, we treat all information as confidential, regardless of signing an NDA.
Our General Terms and Conditions of Service is accessible to anyone, and it serves merely as an indication for our clients to get a clearer picture of the way we commence an conduct our projects. Please note, that the Service Agreement we will sign when we start working on a project together may differ at some points. It really depends on the project and your special circumstances. Our General Terms and Conditions of Service can be viewed here:
You are always welcome to visit our Showroom, where we showcase our highlighted projects. We always aim to select and showcase projects that are most relevant to today’s demands in the industry. We never publish a project prior to our clients, unless we have their written permission. Showroom:
At this moment, we cannot offer positions for internship at D&D Creations. Regardless, if you are looking for internship opportunities, we might be able to refer you to one of our partners, based on your location. Feel free to contact us with your goals and resume.
Although we do not offer permanent positions at the moment, as a small team, we are always open to team up with freelancers and other small teams with valuable skills. We would like to invite you to join our network, and as soon as a suitable position in a project becomes available, we will get in touch with you. Join our network here:

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Purchasing & Managing Accounts

No, you are not required to create an account at our webshop; you can also choose to check out as a guest. However, we highly recommend setting up an account at our store for your convenience. In your account, you are able to manage your billing and shipping information, view your order history, view and download your invoices, and access your downloadable files as well. If you make a purchase as a guest, you can just add the products you would like to purchase to your shopping cart, and follow the steps to check out directly.
No. At this moment, our products are available in digital downloadable version only. Due to the expiration time of the download links, we advise you to keep a digital or physical backup of the product. If you need assistance in making digital or physical copies (for personal use and backup only), our team is happy to assist you.
If you are a registered customer at our webshop, you always have access to your downloadable files via your account. Keep in mind, that each digital product has a download limit of 5 downloads, and the links are valid for 7 days. If you exceeded your limit, feel free to contact us for assistance.
Yes, the prices are displayed inclusive tax. From the 1st of January 2015, businesses providing Digital Services and Digital Content on a business-to-consumer (B2C) basis have to calculate tax determined by the location of the consumer. This means that if you are a citizen of the European Union, the VAT on Digital Products determined by your country will be charged on top of the net price of our products. If you live outside the EU, no EU VAT will be added on top. The subtotal amount and the amount of value added tax (VAT) will be displayed upon checkout and on your invoice as well.

1. If you would like to purchase a product, click on the “ADD TO CART” button on the product page, the product preview pop-up, or the little cart button in the catalogue view. The shopping cart icon at the top will indicate the number of items in your shopping cart. You can view the items in your cart anytime, and get back to the store if you would like to add more items. You can remove individual items from the cart by clicking on the (x) icon.

2. If you would like to use a coupon, enter the coupon code into the field where it’s indicated, and click on “APPLY COUPON”. Your discount will be displayed immediately.

3. Make sure you tick “I've read and accept the Terms & Conditions” before checkout, otherwise the system will not let you proceed.

4. At this moment, you can check out via PayPal’s secure payment platform, or you can choose to pay via bank transfer. We also accept eChecks via PayPal. If you are a U.S. citizen, you can also check out with your Amazon account. Just select the preferred payment method, and follow the instructions to proceed with checkout.

As soon as your payment is completed, an order summary will be displayed, where you can view your orders and download your digital products. This can take a few seconds, depending on your internet connection. Large files may be delivered via multiple links. You will also get an email with the same download links at the email address you provided. Please note, that if you pay with eCheck or via bank transfer, your order will become available as soon as the eCheck is cleared or the transfer is completed.
After making a purchase, you will be re-directed to your dashboard (registered customers) to download your products in a few seconds. Getting the email with the links usually happens instantly, but it can take up to a few hours, depending on your internet service provider. If you face any issue with the download links, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance. Please note, that if you pay with eCheck or via bank transfer, your order will become available as soon as the eCheck is cleared or the transfer is completed.
For security reasons, download links expire in 7 days after being generated. If you are a registered customer at our webshop, you have access to your downloadable files via your account for up to 5 downloads. If you have exceeded your download limit per product,, feel free to contact us for assistence, indicating your order ID.
You can download your purchased product via the same download link maximum 5 times. After the 5th attempt, the link becomes invalid.
Yes; all products are stored on our dedicated Amazon CDN and S3 Content Delivery Servers, and are delivered via secure encrypted download links. For your convenience, your products will be downloaded from the nearest server to your location, at the highest possible transfer speed.
After being directed to PayPal’s or Amazon's payment platform, and wish to cancel your transaction, you can find a link to cancel your purchase at the bottom of the payment options. Click on that link, and you will be re-directed to our website to a page that verifies your cancellation, and that your account has not been charged.
Do you have a coupon code? Great! When you are done with shopping, enter the coupon code into the field where it’s indicated, and click on “APPLY COUPON”. Your discount will be displayed immediately.


Very secure. Our website is equipped with a Comodo PositiveSSL domain validation wildcard certificate with 265-bit encryption, customized and insured for our business. Our certificate meets the Dutch and international requirements of web service security.
When you make a purchase, our system only stores your name, email address, order details and your transaction ID. If you create an account, our system will also store your billing address, but we do not store bank information or any other information related to your payment method. We do not store your credit card information, and we do not have access to your password either.
At this moment, you can pay for your purchase securely via PayPal or via bank transfer. U.S. citizens can also use their Amazon account to check out.
Absolutely! You don’t need to have a PayPal account in order to use its secure payment platform. Below the login, look for a link on the payment screen that reads “Don’t have a PayPal Account? Pay with your debit or credit card as a PayPal guest“. Click on that link, and you will be directed to the credit/debit card input screen, where you can enter and review your information. PayPal supports all widely used credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) and additional payment options (such as bank transfer, eCheck…) depending on your location.
After making a purchase, you will get your invoice via email. If you have an account at our store, you can also view and re-download your invoices from your dashboard.
You can find your transaction ID on the PayPal invoice in the top right corner, under the date and time of purchase. You can find your Order ID on your invoice, in your purchase email and in your dashboard as well under "Orders".
At this moment, our Webshop operates on a business-to-consumer basis. If you wish to purchase from our store as a business, please send us an email to, including the name of your company, location and VAT number/ Tax ID, and we will take care of your purchase.
Since digital products cannot be returned, we need to keep our refund policies strict and limited. If you encounter any problem with a product that can be solved within the reasonable control of the company (such as if the product contains a bug), just contact us and we will resolve the issue and send an updated version of the product within 5 business days. In case the problem stated in the complaint is not resolved in any way within 5 business days, a refund may be issued at the discretion of the Company. In case the Company cannot find any valid reason to justify the refund, we reserve the right to decline it. In case a refund is issued, you shall immediately delete all included content files, all derivative works in any form and will discontinue the use of the purchased/downloaded product. Based on the sufficient information on our Product Pages, you shall be able to determine whether a product meets your requirements. The Company cannot be held liable for problems related to your specific conditions of use. For more information, we strongly advise you to read our Terms and Conditions (EULA). Thank you for understanding!
Our products at our Webshop are available in most countries. To make sure you can make a purchase from your location, check the list of countries and regions supported by PayPal.


For which applications do you sell content? Most of our products (scenes and scene sets, atmospheres, ecosystems and training materials) are developed for e-on software’s Vue; certain texture packs, plants, terrains and 3D models are compatible with most of the major 3D applications. It is highly recommended to check the Compatibility information on the Product Pages before making a purchase.
Each Product Page contains a Compatibility tab with information on system compatibility, software compatibility and if any 3rd party product is needed for the product to function as advertised. We strongly advise you to check the compatibility information of a product you are interested in to see if it would work with your software version on your system. In many cases, you need to purchase extra elements (such as plants that ship with the Pro versions but not included in the Artist versions of Vue) for a scene file to load properly. For a complete list of assets included in a product, check the Product Description or the attached full Product Documentation. If you have any questions or concerns regarding compatibility issues, just feel free to contact us for assistance.
This information is also included in the Compatibility information on each Product Page. Some assets that ship with one version of the software might not be included in the other and need to be purchased separately. Also, you may need to purchase extra modules (such as EcoSystem Module or 3D Import for Vue), depending on your software version.
Yes. At this moment, there are two live MasterClass recordings and one pre-recorded training (all for Vue) available for purchase at our Webshop. Also, feel free to visit our Training Center for courses you may be interested in.
You are free to use most of our products in commercial projects. In case a product is released for educational purposes only (such as some animated scenes and assets & files shipping with the training videos), we indicate that in the Product Description, along with a separate EULA for Non-Commercial Products included in the product package.
There can be significant differences between Professional and Artist/Hobbyist/Studio etc… versions of a software. Some assets, functions or features that can be found in Professional versions may not be included in the other versions. Scene files that were saved in a newer version of a software might not load into older versions, or might look different due to changes in lighting/atmosphere engines. Measurement units between Professional and Artist versions can also differ, causing mismatch in scaling. If you have any questions or concerns regarding compatibility issues, just feel free to contact us for assistance.
At the Company, we always work with the latest professional versions of software, so when a product is released, it was developed in the current latest version, but we also have a copy of an Artist and an earlier version as well for testing. That’s how we determine the software compatibility of the product. When the product is tested and is ready for release, we create a .zip archive of the package, which we test for errors before uploading to our dedicated server. When the product is uploaded, we test the generated download link, observe the download process, test the downloaded file for errors and re-load the product into its application. When a product passes all these tests, it is ready to be added to the Webshop.
The products are packaged in .zip or in .rar format.


We have a form dedicated for troubleshooting at; you can also reach this page by clicking on the “REPORT A PROBLEM” button at the bottom of the left sidebar.
The download links should appear immediately in your dashboard (registered customers) as soon as your order has been approved. If you experience issues with this page (e.g. the links are missing), don’t hesitate to contact us. You will also receive the same download links in email; this usually happens immediately, but – depending on your internet service provider – it might take up to a few hours. If you still haven’t received any email within 12 hours, check your spam/junk mail folder. If you use PayPal’s payment platform as a guest and enter your email manually, make sure you double-check your email address you have entered for spelling mistakes. If you checked all folders and your email address is correct as well, feel free to contact us if you haven’t received any email.
Just contact us, and we will generate you a new encrypted link. In case you face issues with the new link as well, we also have an alternative way to send you the purchased product directly. Please note that we might ask for your transaction ID for this procedure.
Try re-downloading the file when your connection is stable. The links are valid for 7 days, and you can use them up to 5 times. Some products (such as training videos or scene files) are large files, so – based on your connection – it might take longer to download. We strongly advise you to make sure your internet connection is reliable and stable at your location before purchasing a product.
The products are packaged in .7z files, which can be extracted in WinZip, WinRAR & 7-Zip (Windows) or Zipeg & UnRarX (Mac OS – unverified). It is guaranteed that the files will open in WinRAR, which you can download free of charge for Windows and for Mac OS is well. If you are still experiencing problems extracting the files, feel free to contact us for assistance.
Each product description, documentation and compatibility information contains the necessary information for you to decide whether the product is fully compatible with your software version. If you have concerns regarding compatibility, please contact us for assistance before purchasing the product.
No. We are sorry, but we cannot refund you if you purchased the wrong product by mistake. Upon checkout, you can control the items in your shopping cart before checkout, upon checkout, and on PayPal’s payment platform on the left side under “Your Order Summary“. In case you see the wrong product in Your Order Summary, you can still cancel your payment on PayPal, and you’ll be re-directed to our website..
Yes, in this case we can refund your second purchase. Just contact us with the transaction ID’s of your purchases of the same product, and we will make a refund within 48 hours.
Due to improvements and changes in software upgrades (such as changes in lighting/atmosphere engine), a product might look slightly different in newer versions from the way it is advertised. It is recommended to purchase products that were created in the same software version you are using. It is also possible that your gamma settings are different. In case the product looks different in your application, just contact us with some screenshots for further assistance.
No. We are sorry, but considering the fact that our digital products cannot be returned or de-activated, we cannot give you a refund if the product you purchased did not meet your expectations. The Product Pages provide you with sufficient information, including detailed product description, compatibility information, additional images or screenshots and – on our newer product pages – the full product documentation for you to decide whether the product meets your requirements. If you have any further questions regarding our products, don’t hesitate to contact us before making a purchase, and we will be happy to answer your questions.
When we issue a coupon, we always indicate the exact time and date of expiration. This time and date is based on Central European Time. It is possible that the coupon is already expired. You may also check if the coupon code is spelled correctly. If your coupon is supposed to be valid, but still don’t work, don’t hesitate to contact us.
In this case, we really appreciate if you contact us with the link to the website/source, so we can take the necessary steps to stop illegal distribution. In such case, we would like to ask you to contact us directly; do not post any message with the links publicly on social media. We do not want to draw unnecessary attention to illegal sites. Thank you for understanding.

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