Our 3D Visualization services range from static images to animations, from hyperrealistic to fantasy/sci-fi environments, from concept art to architectural visualization. During our projects with local and international companies, we have gained relevant experience in creating and animating different types of rich, detailed environments, pipeline management, scene optimization, rendering and post-production.

Solutions for

Virtual Reality
3D Animation
Architectural Visualization
Matte Painting
Game Development
...and much more

What We Offer

Our most popular services


At our Studio, we are able to create and render entire scenes as 360-degree panoramic images in High Dynamic Range, including Multilayer 32bit OpenEXR 2.0 output format, developed by Industrial Light & Magic. This format is widely used in media production, including commericals, movies and games, since one single image contains every necessary data for Image Based Lighting (IBL) and compositing. By creating HDRi Skydomes, we offer a flexible and effective solution to integrate in your production pipeline. We design and render the entire natural environment according to your wishes or concepts, from the elements to atmospheric effects and photometric lighting. A high-resolution, pre-rendered HDRi Skydome or Spherical Environment also reduces animation rendering costs.


♦ Solution for Image Based Lighting
♦ Flexibility – we create the entire natural 3D environment according to your wishes and concepts
♦ Multilayer output for compositing
♦ Time- and cost-effective animation rendering
♦ Ideal for real-time rendering (games and interactive platforms)


We provide extensive multi-pass rendering options for matte painting and compositing, including masks for all elements , rendering components, reflections, shadows, atmospheric effects or World Point Position (XYZ Pass). Our outputs work perfectly in Photoshop or industry-standard compositing tools, such as Nuke, After Effects, Fusion or Houdini.


♦ A flexible and extensive solution to combine the assets of our natural 3D scenes with other industry-standard 2D and 3D applications
♦ Over 30 types of supported multi-pass channels
♦ World Point Position for relighting scenes and enhancing atmospheric effects
♦ Matte Shadow/Reflection materials for efficient compositing of reflections and shadows on real footage (Shadow casting per object)
♦ Industry-standard G-buffer information for compositing


Our 3D Environments can be integrated seamlessly into any professional production pipeline. Besides creating the environment, we can also animate environment-specific elements, such as atmospheric and cloud parameters, vegetation growth and reaction to wind, wind parameters or time-dependent natural procedural functions (such as waves). Our animated scenes are designed to operate in the most widely used tools in the industry, including 3ds Max, Maya, LightWave, Cinema 4D or Softimage. We offer multiple solutions for geometry and camera tracking import/export, and G-Buffer and multi-pass rendering for increased compositing flexibility.


♦ Seamless integration into any professional production pipeline
♦ Synchronization options for perfect matching of lights, camera motion and focal length between the most popular 3D applications in the industry
♦ Multiple options for camera motion tracking information import
♦ Animated atmospheric effects and other environment-specific elements

Why Choose Us

Our Team represents the leading experts in the area of 3D environment design. We create endless types of natural environments with a keen eye for detail and focus on mimicking real elements of Mother Nature, from the bottom of the ocean to the top of the skies.
Our Team is proud to have over 20 years of experience in total in 3D Visualization, involving 3D environment design & modeling, lighting, animation, compositing, integration and production pipeline management.
During our years of operation, we have partnered up with several multinational multimedia production companies worldwide, developing an expertise in R&D, creative pipeline management, software integration and the production of diverse audiovisual experience for different purposes.
We have created environments for several projects and purposes, including TV commercials & marketing videos, documentaries & educational movies, video games, virtual reality, projection, interactive platforms and many more…
Our creative professionals are proud owners of several awards and achievements in 3D environment design. We have been showcased several times in many kinds of online and offline media both as artists and as a company, and we have a client & customer base covering 5 continents.
For the convenience of our projects, we have built up a vast library of natural 3D elements, including over 3000 species of realistic plants, dozens of geographically accurate ecosystems, hundreds of textures and procedural materials, dozens of rocks, cliffs and terrains coming in all shapes and sizes and atmospheres for all kinds of weather conditions.
We are dedicated to bring the best out of our projects and fulfill the wishes of our Clients. We offer flexible solution for a wide scale of projects, concepts and budgets. If you have an idea to visualize, we think along with you and work together towards the best solution.

Interested in hiring us?

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